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RF switch connector and Galaxy Test cable
GPS Antenna,Amplifier
[2.4/5GHz]Dual Band Antenna
Dual Band Mimo Antenna
LTE Antenna
400MHz Antenna
RFID Antenna
GSM/CDMA Antenna
FPV antenna
Water Resistance Antenna
Chip Antenna
RF Splitter/Arrester
RF Connector/Cable
Mounting Accessary
OEM Antenna Design
Electrical part
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  RF switch connector and Galaxy Test cable[4] |GPS Antenna,Amplifier[9] |UWB(3.1~10.6GHz)Antenna[7] |[2.4~2.5GHz]Antenna[2] |[5.1~5.9GHz]Antenna[3] |[2.4/5GHz]Dual Band Antenna[5] |Dual Band Mimo Antenna[1] |LTE Antenna[2] |400MHz Antenna[2] |RFID Antenna[2] |GSM/CDMA Antenna[1] |FPV antenna[0] |Water Resistance Antenna[1] |Chip Antenna[0] |RF Splitter/Arrester[4] |RF Connector/Cable[2] |Mounting Accessary[4] |OEM Antenna Design[6] |Electrical part[0] |
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Galaxy S5/S6,Note..
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Galaxy S5/S6,Note4, Optimus GPRO

Optimus GPRO, Galaxy S5

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